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I have been hairdressing for over 17 years now and have established a strong client base and portfolio. 


I have worked for salons such as John Carne, Saks hair and beauty, Toni&Guy and Charles Worthington. I gained great knowledge and experience from each salon and continued to grow and develop my experience as a freelance hairstylist before creating my own space to work with my regular clientele.


The level of training I received at John Carne was highly professional it opened my eyes to what the industry had on offer in and outside a salon, I really appreciated everything I learnt during my time at the company and would recommend the apprenticeship to any one starting out in the industry. 


I then went on to Saks Hair and Beauty, I enjoyed working at Saks, I went on a few courses and learnt a variety of different techniques but I still found myself wanting more and was drawn to Toni&Guy as I was inspired by their creative team.

I followed my dreams and got a job at Toni&Guy, I loved the company's creativity and learnt more about colouring technique's and working with skin tone. I also took part in the L'Oreal hair idol and helped out on talent spotting which was great fun, I met some wonderful hairdressers. It's amazing how much you can learn just by working with different people.


I then went on to work for Charles Worthington in London, my time there was spent working as a Personal Assistant alongside two extremely talented hair stylists who were part of the Charles Worthington Art Team. I was shown many different techniques and given lots of valuable advice. Working as a PA was a position I couldn't turn down, It was a great learning curve and inspired me to progress into the session styling.


The next step was starting my own business. I wanted to specialise in weddings and session work, as well as working with my regular clients.


When I started out I teamed up with a friend Jo Irvin and her wedding company ‘Lovehair’ Jo gave me some training and opened the door into the wedding industry for me which I was very grateful for, with her guidance I got started on my new venture with great success.


I was fortunate enough to meet a photographer and a couple of make up artists who I still work with now, Nathalie Eleni & Natacha Schmitt, Two very talented Make up artists who really took me under there wing and helped me build confidence and a portfolio in the other side of the industry, The girls would book me regularly to work on their clients hair ahead of Magazine Shoots and Red Carpet events. 


My work has been published in many magazines, TV and music video's and I have worked with a celebrity clientele.


I am so grateful to everyone I have met on my journey as I really feel that without there inspiration I would not have had the career and experience I have been fortunate enough to have so far.


Today I am proud to say I have a Beautiful Luxury Home Salon located in the heart of Reigate in Surrey where I look after my regular clientele, I still travel for Weddings, Events and Photoshoots.


There is always something to learn in hairdressing you can never say you know it all, I am constantly looking to progress and I commit to furthering my education each year taking on a variety of courses.


The best thing about the industry is there is always something new and exciting going on, the opportunities are endless if you just keep looking for them, I cant wait to see what the future years bring!

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